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Rackmount Process Analyzer

The OMA Process Analyzer continuously measures chemical concentrations and physical properties that can be correlated from 200-800nm (UV-Vis), 400-1100nm (SW-NIR) or 1550-1850nm (InGaAs) absorbance spectrum.

The rackmount version of the OMA is designed for easy integration in analyzer shelters and laboratory settings. The system fits a standard 19" rack.

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With thousands of units shipped since 1994, the OMA-406 Rackmount Analyzer has been deployed for a wide range of applications across various industries:

Specialty gas analysis

The OMA-406 Rackmount Analyzer uses a dispersive UV spectrophotometer for measuring the concentrations of fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and other gas mixtures from ppm to percent levels. The full spectrum analysis of the OMA-406 enables a single analyzer to be calibrated for multiple ranges and for multiple analytes. Specialty gas manufacturers can leverage the versatility of the OMA-406 to simplify quality control procedures.

Measuring F2/Cl2 in excimer laser gas mixtures

Premixed cylinders containing blends of XeF or KrCl, for example, are produced by specialty gas companies for sale to companies that operate excimer lasers. The quality of the excimer laser gas cylinders must be closely monitored during their production. In addition, the mixed cylinder must be validated, and the halogen gas needs to be quantified.

The OMA-406 Rackmount Analyzer continuously outputs both F2 and Cl2 readings, providing new measurements approximately every 5 seconds. Response time is critical in the production of excimer laser gas mixtures in order to respond to sudden changes in product quality.

More applications

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Physical Specifications

For performance and other specifications, visit the OMA Series.

Enclosure TypeSteel rackmount enclosure
Analyzer Dimensions8.75" H x 19" W x 12.12" D
(222.3mm H x 482.6mm W x 307.8mm D)
Analyzer Weight20 lbs. (9 kg) minimum
Wetted MaterialsQuartz
Options Available