Get an Inside Look at our Patented DEMISTER Probe Technology

In a new demo from our design department, we answer some common questions about one of our most innovative products: the sulfur mist-removing DEMISTER Probe.

This device solves a very specific and persistent problem in sulfur recovery optimization: how do you obtain a sample from Claus process tail gas without sulfur mist plugging your instrument? Our demo will show you how our in situ probe uses steam to selectively condense elemental sulfur right at the tapping point, eradicating the problem of sulfur mist.

Other solutions are bulky, restrictive in how they can be installed, and require electricity / sample lines. The DEMISTER Probe is less than half the weight of its leading competitor, requires only steam for demisting, and allows for 6 meters of fiber optic distance to the analyzer.

Click the demo below to learn how this sampling design functions and perfectly complements our UV-Vis spectrophotometric analysis technology.