MicroSpec MCP-200 Infrared Analyzer

Automated infrared process analysis

  • Fast, continuous reading
    For tight process control
  • No recalibration required
    Measurement stabilized by Auto Zero
  • Proprietary optical cell design
    Specialized path length per application

Excels as standalone or integrated unit

  • Modular design
    Easily integrated into any of our systems
  • Rugged and compact
    Cast aluminum enclosure with SS316 flow cell

Process Conditions

  • Analyze liquid or gas
    Using appropriate sample conditioning system
  • Direct analysis of hot/wet sample
    Accepts high pressure sample

Cost of Ownership

  • No consumables/reagents
    Other than zero gas
  • Proven low-mainentance
  • Solid state instrument
    Outlasts competing models due to lack of moving parts


  • Hazardous area certifications
    Class I Div 1 & 2; ATEX; GOST...
  • No shelter required
    Rugged instrument suitable for outdoor installation
  • Customizable alarms & outputs
    4-20 mA analog outputs; MODBUS; Hart...
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