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Analytical Solutions for the Cumene Process

The cumene process is a crucial first step in the manufacturing of compounds that are ubiquitous in the modern world. From countless plastics, to detergents, to even some drugs, this compound is involved in some way. When reacted with oxygen under the correct conditions, it forms acetone and phenol which go on to make many of the products listed above. In order to produce cumene, benzene is reacted with propylene at high pressures and temperatures—around 30 bar and 400 degrees Celsius—in the presence of a solid catalyst.

By using ultraviolet spectroscopy, real-time updates can indicate when a process is running outside of its specification and allow for changes to be made before excessive amounts of out-of-spec product are created. The OMA-300 is able to provide continuous measurements in real time. It’s hazardous area compliant construction enables it to be installed explosive environments, while it’s use of fiber-optic cables enables the analyzer electronics to be separated from the point of measurement.

Cumene Production

cumene process cumene production diagram

AT1: Reactor Effluent

AT2: Benzene Products

AT3: Cumene Products