Concept: Integrated Systems

Unique applications call for unique approaches; no single technology can reign supreme for every process and every scenario. A truly complete solution will often require multiple measuring technologies working in tandem.

Integration is where AAI engineering gets to shine. Our design philosophy accepts nothing less than the completeness and elegance of a properly unified system. Many of our products are modular units, built to serve both as rugged standalones and as workhorse elements within comprehensive solutions. An AAI integrated system consolidates an array of technologies—UV-VIS spectrophotometry, non-dispersive IR spectroscopy, tunable diode laser detection, and more—for robust, full-featured monitoring.

Yet as larger systems can become considerably complex, sometimes measuring tens of species with an arrangement of modular units, we refuse to compromise on the simplicity and ease of the user experience. Our integrated systems are centralized under a single LCD controller with cleanly displayed concentration values; the entire system is configured through this lone interface. When required, a single, automated sampling system governs the entire integrated structure, such that all measuring instruments are zeroed synchronously and uniformly. With these design points, the complexity of the build is entirely transparent to the end user.