ECLIPSE™ Software

ECLIPSE is Applied Analytics' proprietary analysis software platofrm which provides a touch-responsive visual interface for the operator. The software processes the raw absorbance data from the detector to visualize real-time sample absorbance and output chemical concentrations.

This feature-rich interface allows for easy configuration of display settings, data logging, Auto Zero, alarms, and more. ECLIPSE also contains proprietary multi-component analysis alogrithms for measuring up to 5 chemicals simultaneously.


Auto-Zero. Zeroing is a software task which measures the light source emission spectrum when a zero-absorbance fluid is in the flow cell. Any difference in light intensity from this 'baseline' while running on process sample will be measured as absorbance. This serves to normalize the detector reading and stabilize accuracy such that re-calibration is never required.

Alarms. ECLIPSE provides multiple configurable alarms for concentration thresholds and other process conditions.

Virtual PLC. There is no need for any PLC knowledge because this functionality is virtualized in an intuitive visual interface, where relay tasks can easily be sequenced and saved.

Trendgraph. Easily adjust the historical interval to observed trends in all active measurements.

Data Logging. ECLIPSE writes concentration data as well as spectral absorbance data to log files on the solid state drive.


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