Water in Solvent Analyzer

Why do leading PVC manufacturers trust the MicroSpec for moisture control?

If you work in the PVC industry, you know that moisture can be your worst enemy. You have probably seen what happens when water reacts with HCl in your ethylene dichloride (EDC) feed: catastrophic corrosion, plugged tubes, and frustrating shutdowns to save your pyrolysis system from wreckage.

Ethylene ichloride and Vinyl Chloride Monomer Production diagram

MicroSpec Flow Cell

MicroSpec MCP-200 Flow Cell
Contains detector and sample
flow-through optical path.

MCP-200 Analyzer and Sampling System - Measuring Water in EDC

Complete System for Moisture Monitoring in EDC
MicroSpec MCP-200 with moisture-specialized cell length,
mounted in sample conditioning system with controller unit.

The only way to contain this threat is to keep a 24-hour watch on moisture levels in your process. With hundreds of moisture sensors and diverse measurement principles on the market, how do you choose?

The MicroSpec IR Analyzer from Applied Analytics provides you with a stable, real-time moisture reading with 0-50 ppm range and customizable alarm threshold to meet your operational preference. The MicroSpec’s reading is continuously stabilized using Auto Zero, and its solid state NDIR sensor is far more durable than typical instruments with moving parts.

Our team recently sent a fourth shipment of MicroSpecs to one of the largest VCM manufacturers in the PVC industry. This client has trusted the MicroSpec for 20 years because of its reliability and straightforward operator experience. (Client reference available upon request.)

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