Jet Fuel / Kerosene Analysis


Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
jet fuel diesel 0-100% OMA Process Analyzer
kerosene BTX (aromatic hydrocarbons) 0-100 ppm OMA BTX Analyzer

Measuring Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTX) in Kerosene

Measuring Diesel in Jet Fuel

Multiple fuel types are often delivered to vehicles using the same vessels and pipelines. Consider the case of an aircraft carrier, where the jet fuel supplied for aircraft can potentially mix with the diesel supplied for forklifts, trucks, and equipment. This can cause very serious problems, as diesel contamination in jet fuel leads to plugged injectors.

In order to validate the purity of the jet fuel, online analysis of the jet fuel feed stream is required. Measuring the composition of the jet fuel at the site of fueling in real time is the best way to prevent equipment failures due to fuel contamination.

The OMA Diesel in Jet Fuel Analyzer is used to analyze a full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum in a continuously drawn jet fuel sample. The analyzer is calibrated on the absorbance curve of pure jet fuel and correlates specific changes in the absorbance to levels of diesel contamination. This method is extremely effective for fast, accurate jet fuel validation.