Groundwater Process Analysis

Groundwater must be treated and monitored for contaminants which enter the stream from the surrounding natural environment and other pollution sources. Read more

Measurement Summary

Analyte Typical Range Accuracy
H2S 0-10 ppm ±2% full scale
HS- 0-10 ppm ±2% full scale
S2- 0-10 ppm ±2% full scale

Application Overview

Groundwater treatment plants need to measure H2S both in the water released (for compliance) and water received (for treatment optimization). The source of this 0-10 ppm H2S contamination is rock and sediment in the surrounding environment. Effective H2S management has traditionally required constant pH monitoring, usually around a set point of 7, where H2S and H2- exist together; using a pH-independent OMA H2S Analyzer, no knowledge of the pH is required since the measurement automatically totals H2S and HS- concentration.