Flare Analysis


Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
flare H2S 0-300 ppm OMA H2S Analyzer

Measuring Hydrogen Sulfide in a Flare

Gas flare stacks are used to burn off excess flammable gas in petrochemical extraction/refining operations, with the classic example of flaring extracted gas at an oil well to relieve an overpressure condition. This open air burning is under heavy scrutiny due to the high volume of emissions. H2S present in the gas entering the flare will largely combust to SO2, a heavily regulated pollutant and contributor to acid rain. H2S levels in the flare and SO2 emissions are regulated in the US by the EPA's 40 CFR 60.104 subpart J, which forbids burning any fuel gas containing H2S in excess of 230 mg/dscm.

In order to heed these restrictions and their counterparts in jursidictions around the world, operators require a system for continuous monitoring of H2S loading in their flare gas.