Cooling Water Analysis

Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
recycled cooling water H2S 0-100 ppm OMA H2S Analyzer

Measuring Hydrogen Sulfide in Cooling Water

The enormous amount of water consumed by oil refining operations is mostly used for cooling purposes, where heat exchangers transfer the heat from a fuel process stream to the colder water. These heat exchangers have to withstand heavy throughput and eventually suffer leaks.

The presence of H2S in the cooling water is a strong indication of a heat exchanger leak. Fast detection of the leak alerts the operator when to switch to an alternate heat exchanger and/or perform maintenance on the leaking heat exchanger.

Using the OMA H2S in Water Analyzer, the refinery can optimize time between heat exchanger maintenance through continuous online monitoring of H2S leaks into the cooling water stream. Easily configurable 4-20 mA alarms and set-and-forget operation make the OMA highly suitable for this application.