Biogas Analysis

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Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
Anaerobic Digester H2S - OMA Process Analyzer
NH3 -
CO2 - MicroSpec MCP-200 Infrared Analyzer

Measuring Ammonia in Biogas

Measuring Carbon Dioxide in Biogas

Measuring Hydrogen Sulfide in Biogas

Renewable energy is an area of enormous growth, but harvesting these energy sources comes with its own challenges. The fuel gases generated by biological processes (e.g. anaerobic digestion) can often contain significant levels of H2S, which is extremely toxic and explosive. In order to responsibly utilize these natural sources of methane-based fuels, the incident H2S needs to be carefully monitored and removed.

The OMA H2S Analyzer is ideal for monitoring H2S in biogases for several reasons. The excellent dynamic range of dispersive UV-Vis spectrophotometry allows the OMA to accurately monitor H2S concentration from trace levels to high %. Additionally, the detector has no sensitivity to the typical biogas background components (methane, CO2, moisture) since these chemicals have no absorbance in the UV wavelength range.