Airplane Deicing Analysis


Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
Deicing Runoff Glycol - OMA Process Analyzer

Measuring Glycol in Airplane Deicing Fluid

Airplane deicing fluids commonly contain propylene glycol as a main ingredient. When discharged into the ground, propylene glycol leads to an increase in biological oxygen demand (BOD). Release of propylene glycol into sewage systems has been restricted since 1995 in the US. To comply with regulations and remain environmentally responsible, facilities that use airplane deicing fluids should measure the amount of propylene glycol being released in effluent fluids.

Continuous monitoring of propylene glycol concentration in effluent water is critical for proper handling of deicing fluids, including recycling processes and storage.

The OMA Glycols Analyzer continuously measures propylene glycol concentration from low to high levels using full-spectrum absorbance spectrophotometry. Multiple sample streams can be monitored by a single multiplexed OMA, and alarm thresholds can be easily configured by the user.