Well Head Gas

Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
Well Head Gas H2S 0-100% OMA-300 Process Analyzer


The wellhead is responsible for handling the raw natural gas extraction out of the underground formation while preventing gas leaks or blowouts due to gas pressure. The wellhead gas is raw natural gas that has not been processed. Initially, the water and condensate are removed. The wellhead gas is subsequently sent to some form of H2S removal system (usually amine scrubbers or scavenger beds). It is critical to continuously measure the H2S concentration in the feed to the H2S removal system because H2S loading can range widely (typically 0-5%) and must be measured in order to properly operate the removal system according to the feed gas composition. Since the wellhead must operate reliably (often in remote locations) while handling up to 20,000 psi pressure, a reliable gas analyzer with no moving parts or consumables should be installed on the raw gas line.

The OMA H2S in Natural Gas Analyzer is perfectly suited for wellhead gas monitoring because (1) the system can be utilized in remote scenarios without manual attention since it does not contain any moving parts or consumables and (2) the system can handle percent level H2S without overwhelming or damaging the sensor.

System Benefits

  • Fast response
  • No consumables
  • No moving parts
  • High concentration does not foul sensor
  • No sample dilution required

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