Sweet Gas

Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
Sweet Gas H2S 0-100 PPM OMA-300 Process Analyzer
CO2 0-5% MicroSpec MCP-200 Infrared Analyzer


Natural gas must meet specifications to be transported through pipelines for environmental safety, and protection of equipment. Sending off-spec gas downstream can have dramatic consequences, both in the plant and downstream of the plant. Elevated levels of H2S will affect the lifetime of piping running from the plant to the export utility, which is a substantial capital investment. Additionally, releasing off-spec gas down the process pipe results in heavy fines. The Sweet gas analysis point is the first place where this can be picked up. If off-spec gas is discovered here, the plant can divert the gas to flare, or recycle it through the scrubbers to achieve a lower sulfur level. If it makes it to the export analyzers before this happens, it is harder to divert, and will result a larger amount of gas needing to be recycled or flared off to maintain the export specifications.

The OMA system continuously measures 0-10 ppm H2S and 0-5% CO2 concentration in the sweet gas stream. The analyzer provides real-time data on how this unit operation is functioning, allowing for seamless control of acid gas treatment units. This system pairs nicely with the export natural gas analyzer to ensure the quality of your product.

System Benefits

  • Fast response
  • No consumables
  • No moving parts
  • No carrier gas requirement
  • No H2S scrubbing material required

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