Sales Gas

Application Summary

Analysis Point Analyte Typ. Range Suitable Analyzer
Sales Gas H2S 0-100 PPM OMA-300 Process Analyzer
BTEX 0-40 PPM OMA-300 Process Analyzer
Odorant 0-10 PPM OMA-300 Process Analyzer


The pipelines used to transport processed natural gas (sales gas) to customers are susceptible to severe corrosion damage when H2S in the gas stream frees the iron content from the steel pipe interior surface. The most proactive method of preventing this dangerous and expensive pipeline damage is to continuously measure H2S concentration in the sales gas pipeline and ensure that the level does not exceed a set threshold of concern.

The OMA H2S in Natural Gas Analyzer provides proven reliable H2S monitoring in distribution pipelines with configurable alarms for the problematic concentration range. Real-time analysis along with rich trend data allows for optimal expenditure of H2S removal resources (e.g. scavengers) and rapid response to upset conditions. With excellent accuracy at low ppm ranges, the OMA provides an ideal sales gas quality & H2S safety assurance solution.

In addition to the required H2S measurement, there are two other common measurements that can be addressed by the OMA-300. When sales gas is distributed through pipeline it gets odorized with either a mercaptans blend or THT. The OMA-300 can measure the odorant levels. If the sales gas is intended to be liquified either for export or storage, the BTX content of the sales gas is important to know to avoid potential freezing at the low temperature and high-pressure conditions of the liquified natural gas. The OMA-300 can also measure the total BTX content in the sales gas.

System Benefits

  • Fast response
  • No consumables
  • No moving parts
  • No carrier gas requirement
  • No H2S scrubbing material required

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