Measuring Vanadium Oxytrichloride


Application Summary

Analytes VOCl3 (vanadium oxytrichloride)
Detector OMA-300 Process Analyzer


Vanadium oxytrichloride (VOCl3) is a chemical useful for catalyzing olefin polymerization, synthesizing organovanadium, and producing EPDM rubber, among other things.

A bright yellow liquid, VOCl3 fumes when left in an open container and must be kept under a blanket of inert gas to prevent reactions with ambient moisture. VOCl3 will hydrolyze upon contact with water vapor to form hydrochloric acid, vanadic acid, and VOCl2 (solid). An additional concern is the toxicity of VOCl3 and the health risks of unknowing exposure.

The OMA system continuously measures low concentrations of VOCl3 in facilities that use or store this chemical in production processes. This removes the need for pulling samples back to the lab, instead providing real-time analysis of VOCl3 concentrations at the site.

Absorbance Curve of VOCl3 in Process Gas

The OMA recognizes the distinctive absorbance curve of VOCl3 in the sample:


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